Lynne Brouwer Designs for discomfort


This blew me away. Lynne Brouwer's installation at GEM Now or Never #3.


This morning I walked into the large exhibition space downstairs at GEM, ambling around the room when my attention was drawn by a set of pretty color swatches on small shelves mounted on the wall. 15 seconds into looking at the swatches something starts to dawn on me; “longstay prisoncell”? “wall of cremation area”? A rather large stone drops in the pond of my stomach. I suddenly understand what is happening here; a representation of the finest details of lifes' most miserable moments.


There was of course more to the installation, which I won't get into because this site shows it well.

The point I'm trying to make is how a work of art can punch you in the stomach and make you feel so much the better for it. Very well done.