Black Hole Bliss series (BHB)

BHB3 is the last part in a series of three, in which Black hole/ bliss is part 1 and BHB2  is part 2.

BHB3 is a further abstraction of those two. The idea behind this series is that the bright side of things has an opposing or mirroring dark side. Your attention is drawn to the bright side, but as you zoom in, the gravitational pull of the dark side becomes apparent.

In part two the bright is not only bright, it also has a somewhat manic feel to it. Simultaneously, the dependable, predictable presence of the dark side has an almost calming effect.


In part 3 this conversion is pursued even further. The ultimate brightness is expressed in heaps of glittering gold, to such an extent that it makes one slightly uneasy. Questions rise; "what is concealed behind this facade? Who has shed blood?". The dark side conversely hides nothing. "This is it", it seems to say.